You’ve probably seen a lot on the news recently about plastic pollution clogging up our oceans. Last year it was revealed that the problem is so extensive that plastic has been discovered at the bottom of the Mariana Trench – the deepest point on earth. Current estimates show that roughly 13 million tonnes of plastic enter the oceans every year, ranging from large items like plastic bags and industrial waste, to harder-to-detect microplastics.

Given that this number is expected to double by 2025, drastic action needs to be taken by all of us. Not only does plastic in the oceans harm the wildlife – from small organisms like krill to large fish like tuna – but through seafood consumption, water treatment and food chain cycles, human beings are starting to ingest the very plastic they throw away.

Unilateral reduction of plastic use is a necessity if we are to maintain the planet to a liveable standard, but until that happens – which could take years of legislative wrangling – there are actions we can take in our own individual lives.

Avenue Recycling offers a range of services which can facilitate changes like these. Everything from the safe disposal of electrical waste – in 2016 we collected nearly 10,000 tonnes of electrical waste and over 60,000 refrigerators – to hazardous waste, scrap and confidential document shredding.

We offer tops tips on how to recycle effectively at home, including information on  what to recycle, the importance of cleaning your recyclables before popping them in your blue bin or taking them to us, how to sort your recyclables, and to be ever mindful that over 70% of the waste we dispose of is actually recyclable.

Reducing the amount of waste we create, and being conscious of things like buying packaged goods, can also help in the fight to save the planet. Reusing some of the containers that we use – or repurposing them for something else – is also an effective way to manage your waste. There are loads of things each of us can do until our leaders decide to take decisive legislative action. You can be the change and Avenue Recycling is here to help.