1. Electrical Waste


Research has shown that over 170 million new electronic items are purchased in the UK each year, but less than 1/3 is recycled when it comes to the end of its shelf-life.

Avenue Recycling ensures that the electrical waste we receive is disposed of as efficiently and as cleanly as possible, in accordance with the Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment Directive (2007).

From large household items like refrigerators and washing machines, to smaller personal items like irons, toasters and electric toothbrushes, Avenue Recycling offers you a safe, environmentally friendly way of getting rid of your electronics.

  1. Scrap

And by scrap of course we mean recyclable materials left over from product manufacturing & consumption, such as vehicle parts, building supplies and surplus materials.

We understand that the disposal of scrap can be problematic – especially since valuable surplus material can often attract unwanted attention – and we do our very best to ensure that it is disposed of or recycled in as secure a way as possible.

  1. Waste Haulage

We offer top of the line waste haulage service, which is both efficient and respectful of environmental concerns. And whilst our emphasis is mostly in the transport of recycled goods, we also collect household waste and offer pollution-prevention programmes.

Recycling rates for over 14 million homes in the U.K. have fallen in the last five years, which is a growing concern at a time of great environmental uncertainty. Our service aims at clean waste haulage and disposal, and encouraging customers to recycle and reuse in their own homes where applicable.

  1. End-of-Life Vehicles

Avenue Recycling offers a service for the collection and recycling of end-of-life vehicles. This takes place within our licensed premises at Ballygomartin. According to the Environmental Protection Agency of Ireland, more than 98,000 end-of-life vehicles were treated in Ireland in 2016, up 24% from 2015. Avenue Recycling would like to see that number grow, and ensure that end-of-life vehicles are recycled or reused where possible.

We will always strive for a 24-hour turnaround where possible, allowing for a complete, efficient and secure disposal. This service is currently offered for customers operating under the ANBC and BCC Council jurisdictions.

  1. Confidential Document Shredding

With over 34% of companies admitting to never training their employees in fraud awareness, and over 58% saying that they only raise the subject with their employees once a year, fraud is still a huge problem for both individuals and companies.

At Avenue Recycling, we offer a confidential shredding service, which ensures that any sensitive financial, personal or business information is disposed of safely and securely.

  1. Commercial Skip Hire and Waste Collection

With our commercial skip hire and waste collection service, we offer a range of containers to suit your individual or business needs whilst ensuring that you are compliant all the while.

We deliver within 24 hours of request, offering short-term and long-term hires, as well as a supply of waste transfer notes. The sizes that we offer are available here, and the number to call is 028 907 157 00. Our helpful and friendly staff are waiting to take care of you.

  1. Metal Waste

Avenue Recycling has over 50 years’ experience dealing with metal waste and scrap, and as such, we are sensitive to the complexities involved in safe disposal. We provide up-to-date, competitive rates for different metal types and our range is extremely varied.

We accept both ferrous and non-ferrous metals into our metal merchant facility at Tates Avenue, and we even provide a metal collection service from individual premises.

8.Industrial Clear Outs

Industrial clean outs require specialist handling, and Avenue Recycling offers an efficient, professional service on everything from shop floors to factories to car parks and open spaces.

9.IT Equipment Destruction

As with document shredding, when IT equipment reaches the end of its shelf life, it is of the utmost importance that the equipment is disposed of safely. Old IT equipment poses a fraud risk.

We use a U45 shredder for the safe destruction of IT equipment and can provide a certificate of completion once the equipment has been satisfactorily decommissioned. Our service is fully confidential and we can even collect certain IT equipment for the purposes of disposal.

10.Hazardous Waste

Unlike a lot of other waste disposal/ recycling organisations, Avenue Recycling also offer an adept collection service for the disposal hazardous material. This service is offered in many Council areas across Northern Ireland, since Avenue Recycling was awarded the tender for the collection of WEEE.

We work with the NHS for the collection of hazardous materials from hospitals, medical centres and other sites where waste of this nature tends to accrue.

We mainly collect refrigerators, and CRT equipment such as TVs and flow tubes. We do ask that we are given a minimum of three days’ notice to collect, however, given the preparations and precautions that our staff may need to take.